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SnakelockZ Rigging Guide

Click on the PDF to download the SnakelockZ Rigging Guide to view, save or print.

TT Lures SnakelockZ jigheads are designed to allow anglers to fish heavy cover such as weed, lilies, mangroves, timber and snag piles with minimal chance of snagging or fouling.

They are built on Mustad heavy duty, chemically sharpened, black nickel hooks and feature a 'chin lock' to lock your soft plastic in place on the jighead and a free-swinging front weight for maximum action. The weighted head is attached with a 75lb test, stainless steel through wire for strength and the head weights are interchangeable, simply clipping off and on to change weights. How many fish are you missing out on because you can't get your lure in amongsth the structure!?

Rigging the SnakelockZ jighead

Step 1
Push the hook point into the centre of the nose of the plastic and at a 45 degree angle push it through and out the underside of the plastic. You effectively want to capture a few millimetres of plastic that will be locked into the 'chin lock' when rigging is complete.

Step 2
The hook will slide easily through the plastic until you reach the 'chin lock' and then it will take a little effort to slide the plastic over the 'chin lock'. Holding the bend of the hook between your thumb and pointer finger (hook point down) and pulling the plastic over the 'chin lock' slowly is effective and avoids the pointy end of the hook.

Step 3
As the 'chin lock' exits the plastic you will feel it 'pop' out and the hook will want to turn over to face point up as the 'chin' of the plastic positions itself neatly in the 'chin lock'.

Step 4
Measure where the hook needs to sit in the plasti. Bend the plastic a little so that you can pass the hook directly from the centre of the underside out through the topside of the plastic.

Step 5
Pull the barb and hook point down against the top of the plastic and you're ready to fish some heavy cover. Get that plastic in there and hang on!

SnakelockZ Rigging Guide | Download

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