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Aerospace technology has been utilised to produce TUF-LINE XP fishing line. Tension Lock Technology TUF-LINE XP is produced under high tension, allowing more compaction of the fibres during the finishing process. TUF-LINE XP is more compact, smaller in diameter, packs better on reels, offers better knot performance, casts farther, reduces rod tip wraps, wind knots and boasts higher abrasion resistance.

300 yard spools are ideal for spooling larger reels or multiple smaller reels.

Yellow is often preferred due to it's hi-vis qualities when fishing structure, multiple rods and trolling, allowing anglers to better monitor line position in relation to other lines and structure.

XP 6lb 300YD Yellow - XP6300YE
XP 8lb 300YD Yellow - XP8300YE
XP 10lb 300YD Yellow - XP10300YE
XP 15lb 300YD Yellow - XP15300YE
XP 20lb 300YD Yellow - XP20300YE
XP 30lb 300YD Yellow - XP30300YE
XP 40lb 300YD Yellow - XP40300YE
XP 50lb 300YD Yellow - XP50300YE
XP 65lb 300YD Yellow - XP65300YE