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ZMan Lures Skirted Jigs

Skirted jigs are a go-to for many US largemouth bass anglers and an out of the box technique for Australian anglers that has proven effective in bass tournaments as well as on a variety of other species.

ZMan's Project Z skirted jigs feature painted heads, silicone skirts, grub keepers that are ideal for use with ZMan soft plastic trailers and brush guards for fishing structure that can be trimmed as required.

The Swim Jig is a lower profile jig, with large painted eyes, streamlined skirt and a profile that will be deadly on a range of species from bass to saltwater sportfish.

The Flip 'N Cast jig has a bulkier profile that includes the ZMan textured Z-Tex EZ skirt, designed to add bulk in the water and trap air bubbles for added realism, making it ideal for those chasing Murray cod and larger saltwater predators.

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