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Tackle Tactics is the distributor of TT Lures, ZMan Lures, Pro Cure and Boomarang Tools products in Australia.

Our brands are amongst the most popular choices for light tackle sports fishing enthusiasts throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

With a focus on light tackle lure fishing, our goal has always been to continually develop new products based on the feedback of not only our championship winning Pro Team anglers, but also that of everyday anglers who use our range of lures and jigheads.

This has lead to Australia's most comprehensive range of jigheads within the TT Lures brand, covering everything from finesse HWS (Hidden Weight System) jigheads for bream, trount and other finicky feeders, right up to XHD heads for sinking plastics into the depths chasing fish such as snapper, kingfish, tuna, wahoo, mackarel and everything in between...

TT Lures - innovative, tournament-proven lures, jigheads, spinnerbaits, blades and accessories for sports fishing.

The TT Lures range has been developed specifically to suit the needs of Australia's light-tackle sports fishing nuts. We believe in innovation not imitation and take the feedback of anglers and our Pro Team seriously when designing and modifying our products. Our jigheads, blades, spinnerbaits, and other metal lures and accessories have been tested by not only top tournament anglers, but by people like you, who use the products day in, day out on the water, and want to see results.

ZMan Lures... Fast becoming Australia's fishiest soft plastics!

True to its motto – The Science & Art of Fishing – ZMan prides itself on bringing cutting edge technology to anglers. ZMan is continually researching and testing many revolutionary ideas to bring anglers the most effective, unique, lifelike, and durable baits on the market.

ZMan Lures have been a stand-out performer in the USA for bass pro's and social sportfishing anglers for years, and recent developments like the ElaZTech material has produced a series of lures that are ideally suited to sportfishing in Australia.

This brand has been synonomous with anglers chasing sportfish such as bass and redfish in the USA for years, and now they are available in Australia through Tackle Tactics. These lures feature ElaZtech construction; an incredibly soft, lifelike and pliable soft plastic material that is also extrmely tough, up to 10X tougher than other soft plastics! These plastics are also buoyant allowing anglers to rig them to fish the surface, or weight them to fish anywhere in the water column. An added benefit of this buoyancy is added life and realism in the water, as tails or claws float up of the bottom and waft around with the water movement, attracting fish and triggering strikes. Even when you're doing nothing, the plastic is still down there fishing for you!

Tackle Tactics are proud to now offer these premium plastics to Aussie anglers. We know that they will deliver standout results on our local species, and anglers will just love the durability and action of the ElaZTech range.

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